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Divistech, leading digital video streaming in Latin America, has signed a deal to provide digital video IP technology to “start-up” company, www.ticocable.com, a cable company that provides wirelessly cable programming on your smartphone and tablet.

With this deal, Divistech and Ticocable make it happen for Costa Rican consumers to watch national TV right on their smartphones and tablets using their 3G or 4G connection.

If you need for information, you can contact us at info@divistech.com or visit Ticocable’s website : http://movil.ticocable.com.


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Divistech.com, top Latin American, web streaming company inaugurates a “green-screen” room for its clients for live HD web streaming or on demand web streaming of events, chats, recording of product tutorials, etc. The green-screen counts with an HD Panasonic camcorder, a (5 x 24watt x 3 lamps) or 360watts+ three point lighting system, wireless professional audio system, and enough HD encoding power to produce and post-produce your content according to your company’s needs.

Chroma Key Effect Room divistech

Chroma Key Effect Room divistech

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Divistech.com and Panamanian top media powerhouse, “Corporación Medcom” has signed a deal to launch a high-definition live and on-demand web video streaming platform called www.panamavod.com.

With this strategic partnership both companies will be able to provide live and on demand Panamanian ethnic video content for our web audience. Any visitor will be able to download complete web episodes of national programming as well as to watch live crystal clear video events.

For more information regarding this partnership, please e-mail us at info@divistech.com


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Divistech launches Movie Streaming Platform for Latin American Movie producers.

Divistech.com, Latin America’s leading provider of web streaming solutions is proud to announce its new state of the art movie streaming platform for Latin American Movie producers. Our solution utilizes current web and video compression technologies and e-commerce to create a platform that helps you, the independent movie maker, monetize your movie by streaming it securely to the world on the Web.

Visit our current demo Website at MiraTuPelicula (Watch your Movie): http://www.miratupelicula.com/home.php


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Dec- 2010 : The Divistech Company has the privilege to provide 4 full assembled computers to 4 families from Ciudad Colón in Costa Rica and wishes all of its clients a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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Divistech will broadERcast top Costa Rican Christmas Parade “Festival de la Luz 2010″.


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Divistech.com, leading IP streaming company in Latin America will broadERcast live from Hotel Real Intercontinental, San José, Costa Rica this 18 and 19 of November the Central American IEEE’s Summit!(http://www.concapan.com)

Follow the live event of IEEE’s annual summit in Central America from an array of IP devices (Web, Iphone, and Roku Player) from anywhere in the world by clicking here: “Live Link”


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Divistech launches new PPV “broadERcast” solution (3 for the price of 1) for small content producers.

No matter where you are in Latin America, Divistech can provide a PPV broadcasting solutions to monetize your content. Please call us at + 1.305.809.0289 for further information.


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Divistech, leading Web streaming company in Latin America is initiating an aggressive video streaming network overhaul to stream to the newly, Internet enable set-top box,  the Roku Player.

Very soon most of our audience will be able to choose to enjoy their digital internet streamed content on their TV sets either through traditional means like desktop or mobile computer “video hook ups” (from your computer vga port to your TV video input) or through more compelling means like the Roku set top box.

Divistech Roku Video Channel will be enable in the next coming months. Please stay tuned for more news. Connect to our RSS Feed.


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Top Honduran TV station, Televicentro Online or just “TVC” will start experimenting in HD in the next few months and broadcasting part of its media content live  and on demand in HD format over the Internet. Very soon, TVC’s followers will be able to download (in HD format) their favorite TV programs to their desktops with TVC’s newly implemented VOD Pay-per-View Service.

“La Jornada”, top soccer program during the FIFA’s World cup in South Africa and many other programs will be soon be available on TVC’s VOD Service.

Once again, Televicentro and Divistech, both Central American companies join forces to innovate and truly compete in a very competitive “YouTube, videos are always free” Internet era.

“Right Click” + and “Save File” by clicking on the image below to download a sample “Mp4 Video” in HD. (Download time 3 minutes on 2mbps Internet connection)


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