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Enjoy the radio station La KeBuena

logo-ke-buena1Since March has www.televicentrotv.net page for all to enjoy the live signal from the radio station La KeBuena. This station was founded the 01 of July 1999, with the frequency 88.1 FM and is a member of the Corporation Televicentro.
100% of the music for the grupero movement due to the continued reproduction of subjects, groups and singers. In this movement include the ranchero genre (ballad and bolero), cumbia, and classics of every genre.
To listen to the radio must click on the link that is located in the upper right corner of the WebSite.

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TVC Online takes you back in time to relive the World Cup matches most spectacular of all time. The moves, goals and international football stars who made history. Every day from 04:00 p.m. and until June 11 enjoy 92 games worldwide through the Web Page www.televicentro.hn
To enter click on the top banner “Retro World Cup”, register your name so you can access and enjoy the 92 World Cup meetings through our website. TVC Online will thrill you with the most spectacular games totally free.

Disfruta del Mundial Retro a través de TVC Online

TVC Online te transporta al pasado para revivir los partidos de la Copa Mundo más espectaculares de todos los tiempos. Las jugadas, los goles y las estrellas del fútbol internacional que hicieron historia. Todos los días desde las 04:00 p.m. y hasta el 11 de junio disfruta de 92 encuentros mundialistas a través de la página WEB www.televicentro.hn completamente GRATIS. Para ingresar haz clic en la sección Mundial Retro, regístrate con tu nombre y así podrás acceder y disfrutar de los 92 encuentros mundialistas a través de nuestra página WEB. TVC online te hará vibrar con los partidos más espectaculares totalmente gratis.

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