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Divistech.com and Panamanian top media powerhouse, “Corporación Medcom” has signed a deal to launch a high-definition live and on-demand web video streaming platform called www.panamavod.com.

With this strategic partnership both companies will be able to provide live and on demand Panamanian ethnic video content for our web audience. Any visitor will be able to download complete web episodes of national programming as well as to watch live crystal clear video events.

For more information regarding this partnership, please e-mail us at info@divistech.com


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Divistech launches Movie Streaming Platform for Latin American Movie producers.

Divistech.com, Latin America’s leading provider of web streaming solutions is proud to announce its new state of the art movie streaming platform for Latin American Movie producers. Our solution utilizes current web and video compression technologies and e-commerce to create a platform that helps you, the independent movie maker, monetize your movie by streaming it securely to the world on the Web.

Visit our current demo Website at MiraTuPelicula (Watch your Movie): http://www.miratupelicula.com/home.php


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