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Top Honduran TV station, TVC Online will broadcast live TV in HD format over the Internet.


Top Honduran TV station, Televicentro Online or just “TVC” will start experimenting in HD in the next few months and broadcasting part of its media content live  and on demand in HD format over the Internet. Very soon, TVC’s followers will be able to download (in HD format) their favorite TV programs to their desktops with TVC’s newly implemented VOD Pay-per-View Service.

“La Jornada”, top soccer program during the FIFA’s World cup in South Africa and many other programs will be soon be available on TVC’s VOD Service.

Once again, Televicentro and Divistech, both Central American companies join forces to innovate and truly compete in a very competitive “YouTube, videos are always free” Internet era.

“Right Click” + and “Save File” by clicking on the image below to download a sample “Mp4 Video” in HD. (Download time 3 minutes on 2mbps Internet connection)


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