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Live broadcast of Palmares Tope


Thanks to Divistech technology, you might enjoy Palmares Tope live anywhere in the world through your computer or by a cell phone in Costa Rican territory.Divistech allowed to enjoy the full and uninterrupted transmission of the event with high quality video on Thursday 14 January. In the horse parade was present more than 3000 riders, national artists and President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica was present as a special guest.


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Below you will find a link to a list of 3G smartphones that are compatible with Teletica’s mobile live and ondemand TV video service at http://movil.teletica.com


List of 3G (smart) phones compatible with CR Grupo ICE’s 850mHz- HSPDA 3G network. (in Spanish)

Lista de teléfonos 3G, celulares 3G compatibles (homologados) con el Grupo ICE que operan en la frecuencia 850 Mhz.

Divistech - Research and Development Team.

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Enjoy ethnic christmas programming in your mobile with Teletica.com


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On Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December, the Teleton event conducted in Honduras and Televicentro Corporation, one of our strategic partners, through our E-commerce platform could capture donations via credit card for all those who enter the site WEB , hosted by Divistech.


This service is enabled, as on previous occasions, during the conduct of the event, which offered live transmission for all those Hondurans and others abroad have access to the signal.This is an example of how Divistech offers its clients the service of transmission of live events with the highest technology platform.

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The computer giant has chosen Argentina as a starting point for the region of its new operating system into smart phones, also known as Smartphone, this is the Windows Phone.Thus Microsoft abandoned its earlier proposal from Microsoft Mobile and focus on the development of Windows Phone.

This new operating system is available in two models of phones are the Samsung Omnia II touch screen and the LG GW550, computer with a QWERTY type keyboard.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Todd Peters, vice president Corporate Marketing Group Mobile Communications Microsoft states that aim to be market leaders in a span of three years and right now have two million smartphones loaded with Mobile in the region.

The goal becomes a bit complicated considering the great success they have had IPhone and Blackberry and the arrival of Google Android in the last year.

Point to be noted and for Windows Phone is that it promises to bring the experience from PC to mobile, as it will be tightly integrated with the Live platform.

My Phone

Besides the launch of Windows Phone, Microsoft has introduced the My Phone service that lets you manage and support the information stored on the phones from the Web. My Phone automatically syncs the contents chosen by the user and in turn can neutralize or remove it in case of loss of the mobile.

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Divistech.com, the leader in digital video streaming technologies for the Internet, proudly announces a “business alliance” with Teletica.com, the main TV station in San José, Costa Rica.

With this new alliance, Divistech.com will be the mobile streaming technology partner for Teletica.com.  To inagurate the service, we will be streaming a live soccer match to a 25,000 mobile audience in Costa Rica. After that, all teletica mobile users will be enable to watch live content as well as to download ondemand videos from http://movil.teletica.com.

During this beta stage, Divistech.com will broadcast to all Symbian and Windows enabled phones. Later on, we will introduce live http streaming for Iphone 3G and live streaming for Blackberries and Sony Ericssons handsets.

Attached your will find VIDEO PROMO for national TV and digital flyer.


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Somos una empresa que se especializa en brindar soluciones tecnológicas de punta de transmisión de video por Internet así como también ofrecemos aplicaciones móviles basadas en tecnologías GSM/ SMS/ MMS para la pequeña y mediana empresa en Latino América.divistech_bajar_presentacion En Divistech, somos pioneros en la transmisión de audio y video en vivo ó en demanda por Internet y trabajamos con varias de las televisoras más importantes y reconocidas de la región como lo son Teletica (de Costa Rica), Televicentro (de Honduras) y Nicavisión (de Nicaragua).

Entre los logros más importantes están a haber desarrollado con tecnología propia nuestra red de distribución de contenido ó “CDN de 1.5Gbps ” que utilizamos para transmitir la señal en vivo de nuestros clientes. En el caso de que exista la necesidad de subcontratar anchos de banda mayores, también tenemos convenios y utilizamos los servicios de CDNs (o redes de distribución de contenido) en Estados Unidos y Europa con anchos de banda superiores a los 10-50+ Gbps. Estos socios comerciales son AKAMAI Networks, VitalStream y LimeLight Networks.


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